EMASS 2015


From the 23rd-25th of April, I was in Oxford for the Ninth Annual EMASS (Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium).

The first two days consisted of absolutely fantastic presentations given by the other presenters on subjects ranging from trade in Northern Italy to Monasteries in Southern Egypt.

I had the honor of presenting my BA Dissertation on how the English pottery industry influenced the Danish pottery industry in the Middle-ages.

After the presentations there was a panel discussion with Professor Helena Hamerow, Dr Ine Jacobs, Dr Javier Martínez Jiménez, Dr John Naylor, Dr Andy Seaman, Dr Efthymios Rizoz on “Where does ‘Early Medieval’ Fit in Modern Archaeology”.  The panel discussion was great and much of the discussion was on how, if one wants to improve with the Early Medieval Archaeological field, interdisciplinary studies are a must, especially with historians and scientists.

After the presentations and question round, there was a field trip around Dorchester and Dorchester Abbey, which were led by Abigail Tompkins, Edward Peveler, and Victoria Sainsbury) as well as a tour around Wallingford (led by Neil Christie). The tours were amazing and gave a picture of what the areas looked like in the Roman and Early Medieval periods in England.

All in all EMASS was a wonderful experience, and I hope to be going next year when it will be held at the University of Bristol!