Editing Castles at War

Editing Castles at War

Siege of Aubenton

Recently, I was honored to be involved in assisting my professor Dr. phil. Rainer Atzbach with the editing of the book Castles at War, which was recently unveiled at the Castella Maris Baltici conference on the 26th of August.

My job consisted of ensuring the quality of the articles by ensuring that the English was understandable. Eventually it also developed into helping ensuring that the bibliography and general setup of the article was consistent throughout the book.

The entire process of helping with editing the articles was a very fun and educational experience. Above all else, the most important part of any publication is staying within the agreed styles of the publications.

The book mentioned can be bought by following this link, Dr. Atzbach has also expressed interest in having it reviewed and you can contact him if you wish to review the book.

My professor and I in the process of editing