Visiting the AOC in York

Visiting the AOC in York

This Friday, I had the pleasure of visiting the AOC Archaeology Group in York. For those who don’t know, AOC Archaeology Group is an English Archaeology firm which has offices throughout England in Aberdeen, Bristol, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Glasgow, London, Southampton, and York. The AOC offers a large variety of services as well a doing a lot community archaeology.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Mitchell Pollington at the University of Sheffield’s career day, where I mentioned my interest in Medieval English Ceramics. Mitchell then gave me the kind offer to come and have a look at some of the ceramics from a recent excavation in Hull undertaken by the AOC. I of course accepted!


Pictured above  and below are some of the ceramics I washed, they are absolutely beautiful! One of the cooler pieces was a small sherd of salt glazed ceramics that I had never seen before. Apart from the salt glazed sherd, there were also a ton of different and beautiful sherds that I have never seen before!

IMG_2911 IMG_2912

Overall I really enjoyed the experience, the people from the AOC were fantastic and super friendly! I can’t wait till I go back to the AOC to further help them out with their finds processing!

Thanks again to Mitchell Pollington and the rest of AOC York for having me on Friday!