Magnetometry in Southern Denmark

Magnetometry in Southern Denmark

Recently I had the pleasure of doing some work for my Professor as part of an excavation he is heading up this summer in Southern Denmark! The goal was to do geophysics in order to place the location of a castle located in the area. This was done in collaboration with four members from Kiel University: Christoph Rinne, Stef Magnussen, Daniel Kossack, and Christian Feddern, seen in the picture below.


The geophysics took three days with the first being spent setting up the grid for walking with the magnetometer machine (See picture above). The grid was planned by Christoph Rinne with each field was 40 x 40 m, with four of the field setup through the use of a total station, and the rest measured out by hand.


The results of the geophysics were a great success, succeeding in finding the castle area, which was further supported by the find of brick rubble during field walking. The planned excavation will take place from May until June and be lead by Rainer Atzbach.