A list of all the publications I have worked on.

Book Review

  • Philip H. W. B. Hansen (2016) Medieval Graffiti: The Lost Voices of England’s Churches, Medieval Archaeology, 60:1, 194-194, DOI: 10.1080/00766097.2016.1147852

Peer Review

  • Track Changes Issue 9

Assistant Editor

  • (Assistant Editor to Dr. Atzbach) Rainer Atzbach, Lars Meldgaard Sass Jensen, and Leif Plith Lauritsen (Ed.). 2015. Castles at War (1).
  • Jesper Hjermind. (2016).”vuiberg hic coronatur rex dacie” The foundation of Viborg – ca. 950 – 1100. Lübecker Schriften zur Stadarchäologi im Hanseraum VIIII.
  • Claus Frederik Sørensen. (Unpublished). The Castle in the center of the realm. Unknown Publication
  • Radostin Kolchev. (2015). ADLOCVT COHORS Emperor’s speech before the start of the military campaign. EXARC

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